PVC profiles have very good performance regarding thermal insulation due to their structure and origin. Therefore, when using this type of door and window frames you shall ensure overall coziness and comfort in your home or office. The PVC door and window frames guarantee perfect sound and thermal insulation, prevent from condense and significantly reduce the electricity and heating costs. The possibility of increasing the number of the profile chambers number additionally improves the insulation properties. In the composition of the PVC material is included a special combination of substances which make the profile resistant to UV sun rays. When assembling the products, additional metal reinforcement profiles are used which ensure the reliability and stability in the continuous, long service life.

The German Aluplast profiles have a large variety of chambers and designs. With them you will have the peace and silence that each of us dreams, as well as unlimited possibilities in architectural aspect. Door and window frames have double sealing which perfectly insulates against water and air. Maintenance is easy and practical, it is only necessary to wipe the door and window frames with a damp cloth without using special cleaners. With the 6-chamber profiles of Aluplast you will be absolutely protected because they have higher density and triple sealing between the profiles. This makes them the undisputed leader among all competitive profiles.

The LINK PVC profiles system consists of four chambers and provides high thermal insulation and waterproofing in extreme weather conditions. The series has oval forms adding elegance and refinement to the end product. The design and structure of the profiles are a result of the combined efforts of Austrian and German companies, world leaders in this field, as well as with the participation of Bulgarian specialists who have successfully completed training in the Technical College of Greiner Extrusionstechnik.

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PVC profile Aluplast IDEAL 2000 Download сваляне-на-каталог
PVC profile Aluplast IDEAL 2000 Download сваляне-на-каталог
PVC profile Aluplast IDAEL 4000 Download сваляне-на-каталог