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About the company

LINK was established in 1991 in Stara Zagora. The company is specialized in design, manufacturing and assembly of aluminum and plastic material door and window frames and glazing, suspended and ventilatable facades, claddings with aluminum composite panels and aluminum handrails.

LINK works with the profiles of the Greek company ALUMIL, the Turkish LORENZOLINE, the Bulgarian PROFILINK and the German ALUPLAST. The exceptional selection of professional team, the quality and the short time for completion established the good reputation of our company.

With the purpose to satisfy our customers’ needs, LINK has expanded the fields of manufacturing services. The company has today its own premises for manufacturing of aluminum and PVC door and window frames, glass packets, glass shop windows, suspended facades, aluminum handrails, outdoor roller shutters etc.

“Competitiveness Development of the Bulgarian Economy” Operative Program 2007-2013

Information on concluding a contract


Link Ltd. guarantees quality of its products and professional assembly. The warranty is valid if the warranty conditions stated in the contract that you must provide, if needed, have been met. Warranty periods shall depend on the products and they can be different - for profiles, hardware, glass packets tightness and for installation, and they are described in the contract.



Why choosing LINK?

In our company you will receive competent help in making the right decision for your home. In our offices trained consultants will explain and demonstrate you any advantage of the various types of door and window frames, glazing and accessories. The products will be manufactured of high quality materials with long period of use. Professional technical experts will come in your home or office to take exact measurements and explain you the manner of assembly and operation of what you order.